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One of our former brides, Emma Upton, wrote the book Becoming Bridezilla and mentions The Barn! We are so honored and delighted – thank you, Emma!

Here is an excerpt from Becoming Bridezilla and finding the perfect dress:

“My little sisters and I are so close.  They are my best friends, and there was no way I was going to pick out a dress without them.  The first, Grace is in the army and was shipping out to boot camp in a month or so.  The other, Cooper, goes to college in Colorado and was leaving for school before Grace got back from boot camp.  Because my family is so close I refused to go without them, and there was no way we could wait until the day after Thanksgiving (the next time we would all be together in one house) to go get a dress.  To further complicate things, there was a certain shop where I had to get my dress.  There is a tiny dress shop that was a good eight hour drive away from which I had to purchase my dress.  This beautiful bridal boutique is housed in what was originally a barn.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a high maintenance girl, but I am however, very sentimental, and there is a story there.

Every female in my family has purchased her wedding dress from this particular shop.  It is just as I said, an old barn converted into a dress shop.  The larger storage area which is usually used to for tractors and other equipment has been converted into a large show room with a gorgeous crystal chandelier, a platform, mirrors for the brides to be, and comfy chairs and plush velvet sofas have been scattered about for families and onlookers.  The stalls were converted into dressing rooms and they store dresses in the hay loft.  My great aunt purchased her dress there, as did my grandmother, my aunts, cousins and most importantly, my mother.  Truthfully if it had been up to me, I could have been just as happy ordering a dress from the internet, but with a history like that…no way.  There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that was going to happen.  I was not about to deprive my grandmother of that tradition…..”